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Economic Development

Community Improvement Plan

Community Improvement Plan Application

SDG’s Regional Incentives Program

North Dundas Chamber of Commerce Membership Registration Form

SDG Regional Tourism Grant Online Application

SDG Tourism Information Signs Online Application.

Here are some examples of the large and small SDG Tourism Information Signs that are available.


Click here to view the Township’s Business Directory.

Click here to see which business organizations are active in North Dundas.

Click here to access the webpage that contains information on services to support businesses in the Township.

Click here to download the Township of North Dundas’ Community Profile.

Click here to view the different federal and provincial grants, funds and support programs.

Click here to access the webpage containing the Township’s locator maps.

Click here to download the Township’s Newsletters and Annual Reports to the Taxpayer.

Click here to view information that can assist with Site Selection.

Click here to submit information for a Business Contact Listing.

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