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Mowing, Brush Cutting & Weed Control

Mowing & Brush Cutting

Roadside mowing has already begun for the 2016 season.

The Township of North Dundas wishes to thank those people who maintain roadsides and ditches.

Public Notice of Weed Control

The Township of North Dundas intends to utilize Wagar and Corput Weed Control Inc. to control weeds along the following rural roadsides:

Allen Rd Kerrs Ridge Rd
Armstrong Rd Kirkwood Rd
Bailey Rd Levere Rd
Baker Rd Lillico Rd
Baldwin Rd Lough Rd
Barkley Rd Loughlin Ridge Rd
Belmeade Rd McIntosh Rd
Blane Rd McIntyre Rd
Browns Lane Merkley Rd
Cameron Rd Moore Rd
Cass Bridge Rd Mountain Boundary
Church Rd Mulloy Rd
Clark Rd Nation River Rd
Cloverdale Rd Nelson Rd
Crowder Rd Norton Rd
Development Rd Pemberton Rd
Fawcett Rd Pepperville Rd
French Settlement Rd Riddell Rd
Guy Rd Ronson Rd
Harmony Rd Sandy Row Rd
Hogaboom Rd Shaw Rd
Hollister Rd Simzer Rd
Holmes Rd Spruit Rd
Hyndman Rd Thibault Cres
Irish Headline Rd Timmins Rd
Jennings Rd Van Camp Rd


The contractor will be using: Truvist Herbicide Reg.# 30920, under the Pest Control Products Act, containing active ingredients Aminocyclopyrachlor and Chlorsulfuron.

Commencing on May 16, 2016 (weather permitting) and ending June 30, 2016.

For further information contact:

Wagar and Corput Weed Control –  613-938-2117


Township of North Dundas



Please contact the Township of North Dundas if you require more detailed information regarding our program – including additional information on how to post “no spray” signage in front of your property.