The Building Department is responsible primarily for the regulation and enforcement of the Ontario Building Code. Through the building permit and inspection process the Building Department ensures that all building projects meet the minimum standards as set out in the Ontario Building Code as well as any by-law of the Township of North Dundas and other regulating bodies. This helps protect your investment and contributes a better standard of development for the community.

Building By-law

Township Council has passed By-law 01-2006 to regulate fees and permit application requirements. Access the Building By-law.

Schedule A has been amended as of April 1, 2016. View Schedule A of the Building By-Law

Sample Drawings

Sample drawing are available as a guiding tool only.

Access sample Agricultural Drawings
Access sample Pool Site Plan
Access sample Deck Drawings
Access sample Residential Addition Drawings
Access sample Residential Renovation Drawings

Septic Information

The South Nation Conservation Authority is responsible for inspecting and issuing septic permits for the Township of North Dundas. For further information, opens in a new windowAccess the South Nation Conservation website.

Additional information can be found on care and treatment as well as the inspection program on the South Nation website. For further information access South Nations Septic Fact Sheet (PDF).

For information about onsite wastewater or to locate a professional opens in a new windowVisit the Ontario Onsite Wastewater.

Source Water Protection

The Province of Ontario passed the Clean Water Act in 2006 to protect local sources of drinking water. Through the Clean Water Act, the province has been broken up into smaller regions to pass and enact Source Water Protection Plans. opens in a new windowAccess information on the Source Water Protection Plan.

Solar Panels

The Township requires a building permit for solar panels that are attached to a building. Truss re-enforcement designs and/or a truss analysis done by a professional engineer are required. Access an application for the installation of roof-mounted solar panels.

Typical Building Questions and Answers

Access a list of typical building questions and answers.

What’s New in the Building Code

As of January 1, 2012, all applications for building permits must conform to the enhanced energy efficiency requirements set out under the Ontario Building Code. Houses must meet the performance level that is equal to a rating of 80 or more as set out in the EnerGuide Rating System or conform to the Supplementary Standard SB-12 as set out in the Building Code. Access the Energy Efficiency Design Summary (Part 9 Residential).

The updated building code requires an occupancy permit for certain types of residential development. These requirements will apply to buildings intended for residential occupancy that include single detached family houses.

For further information, opens in a new windowvisit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.


A permit is required in order to install a woodstove. When applying for a permit you must include the manufacturer’s specifications of the woodstove and a drawing of where the woodstove is to be located. Access a building permit application for installing a woodstove.