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Land Divisions

Subdivision Process Step by Step Guide

Consents / Severances

Severances allow land owners to legally separate their property into two separate parcels/lots for the purpose of selling or leasing (for a period of at least 21 years) the severed land. The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry are the approval authority for Consents/Severances within the Township of North Dundas. Application Forms can be found on the Township’s website under Licences, Permits & Fees.

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For more information on Land Severances, access the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s Citizens Guide to Land Severances.

Subdivision/Condo Development

A plan of subdivision is required when three or more lots are being created through the subdivision of land and at least two of those lots are going to be sold. A plan of subdivision is an agreement between the Township of North Dundas and the subdivider. The draft plan agreement lays out a list of conditions that must be met before the draft plan can achieve final approval. Application Forms to apply for a subdivision or condominium development are available on the Township’s website under Planning Forms.

Subdivision Process Step by Step Guide


For additional information about plans of subdivision, click on the following link to access the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s opens in a new windowCitizens Guide to Plans of Subdivision (PDF).

Part Lot Control

Part lot control enables the realignment of lots or further division of land that was subject to a Plan of Subdivision. Townships can exempt land from part lot control to allow for the further subdivision and adjustment of lot lines. An application must be submitted in order to exempt a parcel of land from part lot control. Approval is required in the form of a by-law approved by Township Council and a stamp by the United Counties.

One Foot Reserves

One foot reserves are put in place to prevent access to public highways and/or to ensure that plans of subdivision are built in a logical and efficient manner through the use of phasing. Lifting a one foot reserve is necessary in order to allow for the next phase of a subdivision to start development or to gain access to a public road. In order to lift a one foot reserve, an application is necessary. For further information, please contact the County’s Planning Department.