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EOHU Announcements: COVID-19

Eastern Ontario Health Unit Announcements

May 6 – Individuals Aged 18 or Older Can Now Register Online to Stand By

May 5 – COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Booking Open to Individuals 50 Years of Age and Older, and Group 1 of Essential Workers, Starting Thursday, May 6, 2021

April 30 – Eastern Ontario Health Unit COVID-19 Vaccination Standby List Opens April 30

April 29 – COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Booking for Individuals 55 Years of Age and Older Will Be Available Starting Friday April 30, 2021

April 28 – The Eastern Ontario Health Unit Online COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration Tool Closing April 28

April 23 – Pregnant Individuals Now Eligible to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

April 19 – Ontario Safely Expands Age Eligibility for AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine to 40+

April 16 – Ontario Strengthens Enforcement of Stay-at-Home Order

April 12 – Ontario Moves Schools to Remote Learning Following Spring Break

April 10 – COVID-19 Case at Canadian Tire in Cornwall Confirmed by the EOHU

April 9 – Cornwall Police Service and Eastern Ontario Health Unit Warn about Increase in Drug-Related Overdoses in Cornwall and Area

April 7 – Provincewide Declaration of Emergency and & Stay at Home Order to Stop Spread of COVID-19

April 6 – COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Booking for Individuals 60 Years of Age and Older Will Be Available Starting Wednesday April 7, 2021

April 2 – Provincewide Shutdown to Stop Spread of COVID-19

April 2 – COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Booking for Individuals 70 Years of Age and Older Available Starting Friday April 2, 2021

March 26 – The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) region is in the RED-CONTROL zone of the COVID-19 Response Framework, starting March 29, 2021 at 12:01 a.m.

March 19 – COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Booking for Individuals 75 Years of Age and Older Will Be Available Starting Monday March 22, 2021

March 14 – COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Booking for Individuals 80 Years of Age and Older and Online Pre-Registration for Remaining Phase 1 Priority Groups

March 4 – Number of Inspections Completed in EOHU Region from March 2020 to February 2021

March 4 – COVID-19 Vaccines will soon be Available to Adults 80 Years of Age and Older

February 26 – Eastern Ontario Health Unit Confirms First Cases of COVID-19 Variants of Concern in Region

February 24 – EOHU Shares Results from Provincial COVID-19 Education and Enforcement Campaign and Next Steps

February 23 – COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in the EOHU Region

February 18 – Order from the Medical Officer of Health Directed to the Owners, Operators and Administrators of Agricultural Farms

February 17 – COVID-19 Self-Isolation Requirements now Extended to Household Members of High-Risk Contacts and Symptomatic Individuals

February 12 – EOHU Region to be in the “Orange-Restrict” Category of Provincial COVID-19 Response Framework as Stay-at-Home Ends

February 9 – EOHU Region to Remain Under Shutdown and Stay-at-Home Order Until February 16th

January 28 – Local Schools to Reopen for In-Person Classes on February 1st

January 22 – Statement From the Medical Officer of Health on the Delay of In-Person Learning in the EOHU Region

January 13 – COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive in EOHU Region: LTC Residents and Staff to be Immunized Starting Today

December 23 – EOHU Urges Public to Maintain Public Health Measures as Canada Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

December 22EOHU Region Entering 28-day Shutdown Effective at 12:01 AM on December 26, 2020

December 18EOHU Issues New Order for Multidepartment Retail and Grocery Stores

December 14EOHU moved to ORANGE-RESTRICT zone as of December 14, 2020 at 12:01 am

December 11An Open Letter to the Community From the Medical Officer of Health – EOHU

December 3Assessment Centre Information – the Limoges COVID-19 testing centre is moving effective December 14th

November 27Provincial COVID-19 Education and Enforcement Campaign for Workplaces Coming to EOHU Region

November 25EOHU Amends Order 2020-14 affecting Category 2, 4, & 5 Operators

November 23EOHU region is at the YELLOW-PROTECT level

November 19EOHU Issues New Isolation Guidelines Replacing and Superseding Order Issued April 3, 2020

November 16EOHU is categorized as ORANGE-RESTRICT level in the COVID-19 response framework

November 6EOHU Region to Be in the Yellow-Protect Category of New Provincial COVID-19 Response Framework

October 26  – Flu Season is Here. It’s More Important than Ever to Get Your Flu Shot

October 24  – EOHU Issues New Order for Owners/Operators of Banquet Halls, Food and Drink Establishments, Sports and Recreational Facilities, and Personal Care Services 

October 16  – EOHU Recommends Safer Alternatives to Celebrate Halloween This Year

October 9  – Order from the Medical Officer of Health for Retailers providing access to the place of business including where members of the public are served in person

October 9 – Latest Closures Ordered by Province Won’t Affect EOHU Region at This Time

October 8  – EOHU Reminds Residents to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely

October 7  Amended EOHU Order from Medical Officer of Health for Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks, Concession Stands and other Food or Drink Establishments

October 6  – EOHU Announces That All COVID-19 Testing Centres Are Changing to Appointment Only

October 6  – All of the COVID-19 Assessment Centre’s in the EOHU area will be closed on Monday, October 12, 2020 for Thanksgiving.

October 6  – Casselman COVID-19 Testing Centre Moving to Calypso Parking Lot in Limoges on October 7th

October 3 The Limoges COVID-19 Testing Centre will be closed on Sunday, October 4th and Monday, October 5th. The Casselman Testing Centre will be closed on Monday, October 5th.

October 2  – EOHU in Agreement with Tightening of Public Health Measures by the Province

September 24  – Temporary COVID-19 Testing Centre Opening in Parking Lot at Calypso Waterpark in Limoges

September 19 EOHU Reports that Ontario Announces Lower Limits on Social Gatherings Across Province

September 17  – Order from the Medical Officer of Health for Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks, Concession Stands and Other Food or Drink Establishments

September 11  – EOHU to work with Schools and School Boards to Manage COVID-19 Cases in Schools

August 28 – EOHU Reminds Residents to Continue Taking Precautions as Fall Approaches 

July 7  – Local health units announce regional approach to mandatory masks

June 24  – COVID-19 Assessment Centre opening in Alexandria June 30th

May 15  – EOHU expands COVID-19 to testing to anyone with symptoms

May 15 Detailed list of stage 1 openings from EOHU

May 4  – First 2 deaths due to COVID-19 reported by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit

April 29 Eastern Ontario Health Unit issues 3 new orders for essential businesses.  These orders were amended April 30:

  • Order 1 (Amended) – pertains to grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and other essential businesses
  • Order 2 (Amended)  – pertains to all businesses that provide curb side pick up as an alternative method of sale
  • Order 3 (Amended) – pertains to all restaurants that provide drive-through services

April 23  – Eastern Ontario Health Unit urges Residents:  stay home, continue physical distancing and self isolate if you are sick

April 18  – COVID-19 case at Brookdale Food Basics confirmed by EOHU

April 17  –  COVID-19 testing expanded for priority sectors

April 17  – Eastern Ontario Health Unit has expanded testing for priority sectors

April 10  Eastern Ontario Health Unit reminds public about physical distancing during Easter

April 7  COVID-19 Assessment Centre opening in Rockland April 7

April 3  – Eastern Ontario Health Unit has issued two new orders for residents and owner/operators of grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies

April 3 The medical officer of health orders mandatory isolation of certain individuals

April 1  COVID-19 Assessment Centre opening in Cornwall April 2

April 2  – COVID-19 Drive Through – Assessment Centre – opening in Casselman April 2

March 31  COVID-19 Assessment Centre to Open in Winchester on April 1st 

March 25  – Updated guidelines for Private Daycares 

March 23  – Returning travellers required to self-isolate

March 22  – Several types of establishments to close immediately to prevent spread of COVID-19

March 22 – Third Positive Case of COVID-19 in EOHU Region

March 20 Community Paramedic Program conducting in-home COVID-19 testing for higher-risk individuals

March 20  – COVID-19 testing and assessment centre opening in Hawkesbury

March 17 Directives in response to the Ontario State of Emergency

March 16  – Measures to contain and prevent potential widespread community activity of the COVID-19 Virus