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AODA Commitment


Ontario is leading the way in addressing the needs of all its citizens. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) provides legislation to ensure a completely accessible Ontario by 2025. Ontario has mandatory accessibility standards in five areas of daily life:

Learn about our reporting requirements on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.

Accessibility Customer Service

The Township of North Dundas is committed to providing quality goods and services that are accessible to all persons that we serve. Documents are available in various accessible formats upon request.

Individuals are advised to contact the Township Office and the Township will work with the individuals to provide a format that meets their needs.

As part of its compliance, the Township has implemented Accessibility Customer Service Standard and Accessible Formats and  Communications Support policies pertaining to the serving of individuals with disabilities.

Access the Accessibility Customer Service Standard Policy

Access the Accessible Formats and Communication Support Policy

Access a presentation on Accessible Customer Service Training

Accessibility Plan Update

opens in a new window2017 Accessibility Plan Update

Summary of actions completed in 2018 to improve accessibility

Summary of actions completed in 2019 to improve accessibility

North Dundas Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 2018-2023

Updates to the Township of North Dundas Accessibility Plan are also available for viewing during regular business hours at the municipal office.

By-law 29-2014 – Respecting Integrated Accessibility Standards

Access By-law 29-2014 Respecting Integrated Accessibility Standards and Schedule A

Accessible Customer Service Feedback Form

The Township encourages feedback from individuals to help us improve our services. Feedback will be used to assist with revisions of policies and procedures to provide accessible customer service.

Access the Accessible Customer Service Feedback Form.

To ensure the delivery of goods and services to those individuals with disabilities is provided in a timely manner, you are invited to provide your feedback in in person, by telephone at number 613-774-2105, by email through the contact us information, or any other agreed upon method.

Written requests can be sent to the attention of the Clerk, Township of North Dundas, P.O. Box 489, 636 St. Lawrence Street
Winchester, Ontario K0C 2K0.