Council Team Photo

The Council and Township of North Dundas Staff welcomes feedback from citizens and visitors. Please contact us and we will respond to your feedback.

Left front seated: Deputy Mayor Allan Armstrong, Mayor Tony Fraser. Left back standing: Councillor Gary Annable, Councillor John Thompson, Councillor Tyler Hoy.

Select By-Laws

By-Law 2020-19 (PDF) – To Govern Proceedings of Council and its Committees – Updated March 23, 2021.

By-law No. 2021-01 (PDF) – Appointment of Officers, Agents, Staff, Committees of Council and Recreation Associations  – Updated March 23, 2021


To make a presentation to council at a regular council meeting, contact the clerk’s office by calling 613-774-2105 at least one week prior to the meeting. The clerk will place you or your group on the agenda and give you an approximate time allotment.