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Forms & Payment Options

For your convenience the Township of North Dundas offers a variety of payment alternatives.   Various forms are also available for direct download through the links below.


opens in a new windowVacancy Rebate Application

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opens in a new windowPre-Authorized Payment Plan Form for Property Taxes

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Payment Options

At the Township Office

Payment may be made at the Township of North Dundas, 636 St. Lawrence Street, Winchester, Ontario. The township is open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:30 pm, excluding statutory holidays.

By Mail

Payments may be made through Canada Post. However, they must arrive in the municipal office by the due date. If you would like a receipt please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Please forward payments to:

636 St. Lawrence Street
P.O. Box 489
Winchester, Ontario
K0C 2K0

Night-Time Mail Slot (cheque or bank draft only)

A night-time mail slot has been installed at the entrance to the municipal office (636 St. Lawrence Street) for your after-hours convenience.

Post-dated cheques are accepted for payment of your taxes. The payment will be processed on the latter of the date received or indicated on the cheque.  However, if the payment is not honoured and returned to the Township, a $25.00 administration fee will be applied to the account (i.e. NSF cheque, account closed, etc.)

Should an individual have 2 or more payments returned within any 12-month period, the Township may refuse to accept cheques from the individual unless they have been certified.  The first occurrence will remain in effect for up to twelve months.  Should a subsequent occurrence take place where cheques are returned more than 2 times with a 12-month period, the Township may refuse to accept cheques from this individual indefinitely, unless the cheque has been certified.

At Most Financial Institutions in Canada

You can pay your taxes at most chartered banks and financial institutions in Canada. You must present your original tax bill at the bank with your payment.

Online/Telephone Banking

Please contact your financial institution to set up for online/telephone banking. Your account number for property tax bills is your Roll Number.  This number appears on your tax bill on the left side under the Township name and address (e.g. 0511 011 12345678.0000).  When entering the 15-digit account number please start with the fifth digit and continue on and remove the decimal point.  In the above example the account number would be “011123456780000”.

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreements

The Township offers various Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreements that allow property owners and water/sewer customers to pay their property taxes or water and sewer bills via automatic withdrawal from their bank account. PAD applications are available at the municipal office or for property taxes and for water and sewer customers.

Property Taxes 

Option #1

The Monthly PAD option allows property owners to pay their taxes in ten equal instalments per year without accruing interest. The plan commences with the first payment on Feb. 20 and ends with the last on Nov. 20 of each year. To participate in this program, your account must be current, with no taxes in arrears.  The Township requires twenty days’ notice to sign up.

Option #2

The Installment PAD option allows the ratepayer to pay their property taxes by automatic withdrawal from the owner(s)’ bank account on the due date.  To participate in this program, your property tax account must be current.

Option #3

The 12-month pre-authorized payment plan is a payment plan available to property owners whose tax accounts are in arrears.  This option is not available to properties where a Tax Arrears Certificate has been registered against the property.  Penalties and interest on taxes in arrears shall be applied at a rate of 1.25% per month (15% per annum) imposed on the first day of default and continuing on the first day of each month thereafter in which default continues. The owner must specify the amount to be withdrawn every month and the payments will be withdrawn on the last working day of each month.

Water and Sewer Accounts 

Option #1

The monthly PAD feature offers water and sewer customers the option to pay their water and sewer bills in equal monthly instalments.  The amount to be withdrawn is agreed upon between the account holder and the Township.  Any over or under payments are adjusted annually in July.

Option #2

The Installment PAD feature has the option to allow water/sewer amounts to be automatically withdrawn from the customers’ bank account on the due date.


If you require a receipt for any of your payments please contact the finance department.

Please feel free to contact the Township of North Dundas Finance Department to further discuss any of these payment alternatives.


How are payments applied when my account is in arrears?

As per the Municipal Act, 2001, payments are applied first to any interest charges that are outstanding. Once all interest is paid in full, the balance of the payment is applied to taxes.

What is a vacancy rebate?

A vacancy rebate is a pro-rata reduction of property tax available to commercial and/or industrial ratepayers who are not using or are unable to use all or a portion of their business property for a period of at least 90 consecutive days.

What is a supplementary tax bill?

A supplementary tax bill is issued when information is received from MPAC that changes the assessed value or the tax class of a property.  An example would be the construction of a new home.  The taxes billed prior to the building of the home are generally for the land only.  When notification is received from MPAC of an increase in assessed value, a supplementary tax bill will be created to reflect the amount of taxes for the “new residential unit” portion of the property.

How do I remove the name of a co-owner who is now deceased?

Your legal representative (usually a lawyer) who is looking after the estate will register a Survivorship Application on title.  A copy of this application after it is registered is required to correct the property ownership.

Who do I notify for a change to my mailing address?

Mailing address changes can be submitted in writing to the Township of North Dundas, 636 St. Lawrence Street, P.O. Box 489, Winchester, ON K0C 2K0.

Requests may also be faxed to: 613-774-5699 or emailed to: info@northdundas.com.

What is the penalty for late tax payments, and when is it added on?

The penalty charged for late payment of taxes is 1.25% per month on any overdue balance. It is added on the day after the installment due date, and the first day of each month thereafter, until paid.

What is the charge for a tax certificate, and where do I send the request?

The fee for a tax certificate is $50 per property. Once payment is received only then will the tax certificate be released. Requests for tax certificates should be submitted in writing to the Township of North Dundas, 636 St. Lawrence Street, P.O. Box 489, Winchester, ON K0C 2K0.

Requests may also be faxed to number 613-774-5699 or emailed to: taxes@northdundas.com.

What if I do not get my tax bill?

Property taxes and the payment thereof, are the responsibility of the property owner.  If you do not receive your tax bill it is your responsibility to contact the township office and request a copy of your tax bill.  The township is not responsible for any interest charges that may accrue due to non-payment of your bill.