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Local Stores Offering Extra Services

The following local merchants  are offering special services to assist North Dundas residents during the COVID-19 global pandemic.  


Jo’s Family Meal Box – Starting March 24th – Cup of Jo’s will post menus Monday through Friday.  Orders will be taken up to 3:00 pm the day before.  Payment by Visa or e-transfer.  The recipe, all measured ingredients and groceries needed will be delivered to your door between 2-4 each day.  Meat will be supplied by Greg’s Quality Meats, Grains by Against the Grain and other products from Winchester Foodland.

ParmaChoice Seaway Valley – Winchester – Opening at 8:00 am on scheduled days for seniors and those most vulnerable to shop.   Free delivery for groceries, over the counter items and personal care items within Winchester.  

Mike Dean’s Super Food Stores – Chesterville – Local delivery to seniors and those self-isolating at home.  Email your shopping list to:  orders@mikedeans.com  

Winchester Foodland – They are making grocery deliveries.  Contact  Dan Pettigrew at  613-774-1958 or Dan.Pettigrew@sobeys.com 

Derks Elevator – Bulk deliver large animal feed.  Contact Marty Derks at 613-448-2522 or  martyderks@hotmail.com 

Against the Grain – Local business food boxes that’ll be delivered.  Contact Shelley Spruit at 613-406-1969 or winchelsea@live.ca  

Loughlin’s Country Store–Offers takeout and delivery of meals.  Contact Marg Loughlin at 613-989-1323 or  marg@loughlin.ca  

Winchester Pharmasave – Offering delivery of medications and pharmacy items.  Contact Al-taf at 613-774-2094 or al.jiwaji@gmail.com  

IDP Group – Have drivers and vehicles for local deliveries.   Contact Hamed Asl  at 613-225-9752 or  hamed@idpgroup.ca  

Cannamore Orchards – Able to pick up and make deliveries.  Contact Dennis Taylor at 613-448-3633 or info@cannamoreorchard.com  

Simple Baked Catering – Offers takeout and delivery of meals and can cater to diet restrictions and allergies.   Contact –Cheryl Beasley at 613-909-7211 or 613-406-1143  or simplybaked9@gmail.com 

Winchelsea Events – Can produce and deliver meals.  Contact Ryan Dunne at 613-774-1998  or rjdunne73@gmail.com 

Iron Forge Pizza – Offering takeout and delivery.  Contact Shaw Nelson & Suzy Silver at 613-774-1234  or silver_suzanne@hotmail.com 

No Limit Auto Parts & Precision Diesel –  Call and they will deliver www.nolimitsautoparts.com/613-822-6226, www.pdpower.ca/613-774-6619.  

Meals on Wheels – Delivery to seniors 65+ and adults 18+ with a disability.  Contact Caroline Rooney at 613-774-6109 or crooney@carefor.ca or www.carefor.ca

Louis’ Restaurant – Open for take out only from 11 am -7 pm Tuesday to Sunday. Orders can be called in at 613-448-2051.

Country Kitchen Restaurant – Offering take out and delivery.  Daily specials are posted on their Facebook page.  Call 613-774-2417.  Hours:  Mon – closed | Tues-Fri 11 am – 7 pm | Sat-Sun 9 am – 7 pm.  These hours are subject to change. 

Freedom Dog Rescue – Free dog food and delivery service, specifically aimed seniors and those that are self-isolated or in quarantine. If you are interested, please email freedomdogdonations@gmail.com or text 613-447-0697. They will coordinate a delivery to your door or porch.

Winchester BMR – Call 613-774-2700.  Offers phone-in orders with free delivery on essential consumer items local to the store (paper products, disposable gloves, basic household needs cleaning supplies, etc).  Customers can pay via E-payment and they have a portable debit/credit machine to take payments in the parking lot so customers can stay in their vehicle. Updates are posted on their Facebook page (BMR Winchester) as supplies become available.  They have in-store and flyer specials. www.winchesterbmr.ca


Main Street Clothing Companywww.mainstreetclothingcompany.com, 613-441-3016

Smith and Sayer Natural Productswww.smithandsayer.com, 613-986-1258.  Offering natural home cleaning products and personal care items such as shampoo and conditioner bars, natural soap, hand sanitizer and spray cleaners. Can accommodate specific sensitivities such as scent allergies. 

Winchester Travelwww.winchestertravel.ca, 613-774-2424

Eastlink – Accepting new clients,have exclusive offers not listed on their website  www.eastlink.ca, Steve Gergis, 613-316-1395, steve.gergis@corp.eastlink.ca

Weagant Farm Supplies – www.weagantfarm.com, 613-774-2887, Customers can order parts from via Parts@WeagantFarm.com

Topline Trailer & Equipment Sales – https://toplinetrailers.com/, 613-774-0992, Customers can order parts from via Parts@ToplineTrailers.com

Guildcrest Homes “Shop on-line” option: http://guildcrest.com/book-appointment/ or call Sean Kelly directly for an appointment at 613-850-9889.

The Planted Arrowwww.theplantedarrow.com, 613-774-3825

Hive Vibe Wrapwww.hivevibewraps.com, hivevibewraps@gmail.com

Barkley Shoe Store – www.barkleysshoes.com, 613-229-2256

ATV permits – purchase online at http://www.getapermit.ofatv.org/