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The administration department co-ordinates municipal activities and operations so they are completed in an integrated way. It provides policy advice and recommendations to council and ensures that decisions made by council are carried out in a timely and effective manner and in accordance with applicable by-laws and regulations.

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) reports directly to council and acts as a liaison between council and municipal staff. Each municipal department has a department head who reports to the CAO. The CAO works closely with this team to plan and review issues and activities and determine how they will affect the municipality.

This department includes:

Angela Rutley

Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 613-774-2105

Jo-Anne McCaslin

Deputy CAO/Clerk
Phone: 613-774-2105

Nancy Johnston

Deputy Clerk
Phone: 613-774-2105

Judy Peddle

Deputy Clerk/Administrative Assistant
Phone: 613-774-2105

Laurie Piché-Gibson

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Phone: 613-774-2105