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Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are not regulated by the Province of Ontario, but are instead enforced by Township By-Law 25-2004. All pools other than pools that hold less than 2 feet of water must have a pool enclosure. Permits for a pool enclosure are available at the Township Office. In order for a pool enclosure permit to be issued, a site plan drawing must be submitted. For an example of a site plan drawing, click here to go the example drawing section of the website. If you have any questions regarding the by-law, please contact Planning and Building staff at the Township Office.

Pool Permit Application (PDF)

Please note that the application the Township uses for Pool Permits is the same application form for building permits. Sections F, G and H of the application do not apply for Pool Permit Applications.

Potential Fines

The Township has laid out potential fines within the By-law for pools that are non-compliant. Pools that do not comply with the Townships Pool By-law are subject to a fine and the pool may be drained by the Township with the Owner bearing the cost under Section 15(2) of the Pool By-law.