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The clerk’s office is responsible for recording the minutes of Council and Committee meetings, as well as communicating Council’s decisions to all appropriate parties. The office prepares and keeps all by-laws and resolutions that are passed by council. The office performs statutory duties under the Municipal Act, Line Fences Act, Drainage Act, Planning Act, Emergency Measures Act, and other Statutes of Ontario.

The clerk also acts as Returning Officer for municipal elections and issues marriage licenses, lottery licences, and burning permits.

Select By-Laws

By-Law No. 2017-47 To Govern the Proceedings, Conduct of Members and Calling of Meetings of Council and Committees

By-Law No. 2018-01 Appointment of Officers, Agents, Staff, Committees of Council and Recreation Associations

By-Law No. 2016-44 Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

By-Law No. 2016-44 Request Form

By-Law No. 23-2015 Council Procedural By-Law

By-Law No. 37-2015 To regulate All Terrain Vehicles

By-Law No. 24-2015 Setting Tax Rates and Due Dates

By-Law No. 36-2012 To Adopt a Code of Conduct Policy for Members of Council

By-Law No. 37-2012 To Establish the Officer of the Integrity Commissioner

By-Law No. 21-1998 Food Vendor

Integrity Commissioner

Integrity Commissioner Background and FAQ

Contact Information:  John D. Simpson

Telephone Number:    613-342-4491

Email address:           john@stewartcorbett.com

Website:                   www.stewartcorbett.com

2014 Municipal Election Candidate Financial Statements

Jeremy Armer

Allan Armstrong

Theresa Bergeron

Gerry Boyce

Eric Duncan

Tony Fraser

John Thompson