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Open Air Burning

Open Air Burn Permit

All persons wishing to set an open air fire in the Township of North Dundas shall first obtain a Open Air Burn Permit from the Municipal office located at 636 St. Lawrence Street in Winchester.

As per By-Law 2017-12 the open air burn permit fee is $15.

Burn Permit Application that must be completed, submitted and approved prior to burning.

Owner Authorization – Open Air Burn Permit

Open Air Fire By-Law 2019-41

Open Air Burning Brochure

You must:

  • have an Open Air Burn Permit PRIOR TO BURNING
  • call Fire Com each day BEFORE you burn – the telephone number is located at the bottom of your Open Air Burn permit

What is a fire ban and why can I not have an open air fire when a fire ban is in effect?

A fire ban, based largely on environmental conditions, is a period of time during which no one may set or maintain any open air fire anywhere within the Township limits for reasons related to public safety and protection of property.

Fire Ban Updates

The Township of North Dundas observes the Fire Bans issued by the City of Ottawa’s Fire Chief