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Fire Department FAQs

How do I contact my local Fire Department?

Chesterville – Chief Michael Gruich 613-448-2865

Deputy Chief Dave Lannin

Morewood – Chief Ken Byers 613-229-1327

Deputy Chief Trevor Carruthers

Mountain – Chief Ray Sherrer 613-299-2555

Deputy Chief Don Levere

Winchester – Chief Dan Kelly 613-223-8687

Deputy Chief Sandy Johnston

North Dundas Fire Services PSA (PDF)

How do I apply to become a volunteer firefighter?

If you are interested in joining a local department, please drop off your resume at the township office at 636 St. Lawrence Street, Winchester.

Do I need a burn permit?

The only outdoor fires that do not require a burn permit are those for the purpose of cooking food on a grill or barbecue or those that are small, confined and supervised at all times. All other open air fires require a permit. A backyard bonfire might or might not require a permit based on its size and containment.

Open Air Burning Brochure

Open Air Fire By-Law 2019-41

Burn Permit Application

Owner Authorization – Open Air Burn Permit Application

Requests for fire compliance and outstanding work orders?

A Fire Department Compliance Letter is based on a site inspection of the property by the Fire Chief, or designate, to ascertain compliance with Fire Code Requirements. The Fire Chief will also confirm if there are any outstanding fire-related work orders in the property file.

Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation

After successful completion of testing through Fire Protection Survey Services, the North Dundas Fire Services Department received their Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation. 

Residential properties within 8 km of any of the accredited fire station may be eligible for reductions in their home insurance premiums, though discounts are not calculated automatically and will vary among insurance companies. Contact your insurance provider directly to determine your eligibility.

NOTE: This accreditation is only valid within 8 km of the fire station for dwellings and 5 km for commercial properties, unless the underwriting insurance company deems differently.

A copy of the accreditation is provided below to present to your insurance company.


Fire Department Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation