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Fire Department FAQs

How do I contact my local Fire Department?

Chesterville – Chief Michael Gruich 613-448-2865

Deputy Chief Dave Lannin

Morewood – Chief Ken Byers 613-229-1327

Deputy Chief Shawn Mattice

Mountain – Chief Ray Sherrer 613-299-2555

Deputy Chief Don Levere

Winchester – Chief Dan Kelly 613-223-8687

Deputy Chief Sandy Johnston

How do I apply to become a volunteer firefighter?

If you are interested in joining a local department, please drop off your resume at the township office at 636 St. Lawrence Street, Winchester.

Do I need a burn permit?

The only outdoor fires that do not require a burn permit are those for the purpose of cooking food on a grill or barbecue or those that are small, confined and supervised at all times. All other open air fires require a permit. A backyard bonfire might or might not require a permit based on its size and containment.

Click here to read the Open Air Burn By-law. If you are still unsure about Open Air Burning, please contact the Township at telephone number 613-774-2105.

Open Air Fire By-law 2019-41 (In effect January 1, 2020)

Click here to download a burn permit application.

Requests for fire compliance and outstanding work orders?

A Fire Department Compliance Letter is based on a site inspection of the property by the Fire Chief, or designate, to ascertain compliance with Fire Code Requirements. The Fire Chief will also confirm if there are any outstanding fire-related work orders in the property file.