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Environmental Assessment: Boyne Road Landfill Site

Project Overview

Environmental Assessment Process

Project Documents

Project Status and Public Participation Opportunities

The Township of North Dundas Announces the Commencement of an EA of the Boyne Road Landfill

The Township of North Dundas (the Township) has initiated a study under the Environmental Assessment Act to expand the Boyne Road Landfill Site (the site).

Project Overview

The site is the only municipal waste disposal site available for residents and businesses located in the Township.  In late 2014, as part of regulatory approval processes, the Township was made aware that it had exceeded its approved landfill disposal capacity.  To continue using the site in the short-term, an emergency Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) was received with a requirement that the Township evaluate waste management alternatives.  The evaluation considered: site closure and waste export, site expansion, a new landfill and alternative waste technologies. The result of the comparative evaluation was that expansion of the existing site was the preferred alternative.  Based on the findings of this evaluation, the Council directed Township staff to pursue approval to expand the site.  The site expansion requires approval under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.  The purpose of the Environmental Assessment is to identify alternatives, evaluate the alternative potential effects on the environment and select a preferred alternative for the proposed landfill expansion.

The Township is located in Eastern Ontario, in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, approximately 40 kilometres (km) south of Ottawa. The site is located along Boyne Road, approximately 1.5 km east of the Village of Winchester on Lot 8, Concession VI in the former Township of Winchester.  The location of the site is indicated on the map below.


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Environmental Assessment Process

The first step in the Environmental Assessment process is the development of Terms of Reference, which includes opportunities for public review and input.

The Terms of Reference will provide a description of alternatives to the project and will provide the framework for:

  • Defining the scope of the studies to characterize the existing environment;
  • Public consultation methods;
  • Identification and assessment of alternative methods of implementing the project;
  • The methods for the prediction and assessment of potential effects of the proposed undertaking on the environment;
  • Mitigation measures to avoid or reduce adverse effects; and,
  • Follow-up monitoring and contingency plans.

The Terms of Reference will be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) for approval.  Once approved by the Minister, the framework from the Terms of Reference will guide the work and studies that will then be completed during the Environmental Assessment.

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Project Documents

Notice of Commencement of Terms of Reference for an Environmental Assessment of the Proposed Expansion of the Boyne Road Landfill, Township of North Dundas.

Display Boards Open House 1

Comment Sheet Open House 1

Display Boards Open House 2

Comment Sheet Open House 2

Vol 1 Draft TOR

Vol 2.0 Cover and Main Text SD#1

Vol 2.1 SD#1 Figures

Vol 2.2 SD#1 Appendix A Text

Vol 2.3 SD#1 Appendix A Figures

Vol 2.4 SD#1 Appendix A-Attachment A

Vol 2.5 SD#1 Appendix B

Vol 2.6 SD#1 Appendices C and D

Vol 3.0 Appendix A, B

Vol 3.1 Appendix C1

Vol 3.2 Appendix C2-C4

Vol 3.3 Appendix D1

Vol 3.4 Appendix D2-D3

Vol 3.5 Appendix D4-D5

Vol 3.6 Appendix E

Vol 3.7 Appendix F

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Project Status and Public Participation Opportunities

February 22, 2017: Publication of the Notice of Commencement including notification of the first Open House.

October 26, 2017: Notice of Open House #2, Environmental Assessment of the Proposed Expansion of the Boyne Road Landfill

Notice Requesting Review of Draft Terms of Reference

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