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Recycling Routes, Calendar & Tips

Blue Box

Recycling Routes Map & Pick-up Schedule

Recycling Tips



There are nine blue box pick up routes (see route schedule below) in North Dundas occurring on various days. Contact the landfill at 613-774-5157 to confirm your recycling date or to have a blue box or recycling calendar delivered to you.

Blue Box

If you require a blue box, please contact the landfill at 613-774-5157.
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Recycling Routes Map & Pick-up Schedule

Route 1: Every other Tuesday starting
January 1, 2019
Route 2: Every other Tuesday starting
January 8, 2019
Route 3: Every other Wednesday starting
January 2, 2019
Route 4: Every other Wednesday starting
January 9, 2019
Route 5: Every other Friday starting
January 11, 2019
Route 6: Every other Friday starting
January 4, 2019
Village of Chesterville: Every other Thursday starting
January 3, 2019
Village of Winchester East: Every other Thursday starting
January 10, 2019
Village of Winchester West: Every other Monday starting
January 7, 2019

2019 Household Hazardous Waste Dates: May 18th, June 15th, July 13th, August 10th, September 7th, October 5th.

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Recycling Tips


Place boxboard with cardboard. PLEASE BREAK DOWN


Please place in a paper bag, plastic bag, cardboard box or bundle up. Leave on top of or beside your blue box.


Rinse cans to remove food residue. Crush cans, if possible and place in box.


Rinse bottles and jars and place in blue box. Do not include light bulbs, window panes, drinking glasses, or ceramics


You may recycle two litre PETE soft drink bottles, and several types of plastics.


Bleach bottles, fabric softener containers, vinegar bottles, etc. Look on the bottom of the container for the HDPE symbol


Margarine tubs, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese containers, etc. Look on the bottom for the LDPE or PP mark. Rinse containers to wash off food residue and place in blue box


Please bring these to the Boyne Road Landfill Site during regular hours of operation. They will be recycled at no charge.

Recycling Checklist

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For information on what materials are considered hazardous or for other collection events in our area for these items, Click here to visit the ProductCare website. ProductCare has set up collection networks for your unwanted products, develops transportation systems to move recyclable waste safely and efficiently, works with other recycling experts to create industry-leading material processing standards, promotes awareness of available recycling programs, and maintains detailed records of all this in order to report to regulators, stakeholders, partners and the general public.

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Donating used items locally – The followng outlets will accept good quality used clothing and small items:

Ye Old Bargain Shop

34 Mill St.
Chesterville, ON
K0C 1H0
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Basement

Lions Thrift Store

491 Main St.
Winchester, ON
K0C 2K0

House of Lazarus

2245 Simms St.
Mountain, ON
K0E 1S0
Will also accept good quality large items and electronics.  Please do not dump items or garbage at these outlets when they are not open.


This is a  Facebook group for swapping everything from books to baby clothes. All items must be offered free and should be within the Dundas, Grenville, and Kemptville areas. Click here to access the S.W.A.P. Facebook  (In order to see this page you must be logged into Facebook)

North Dundas Full Circles

The North Dundas Full Circles group is open to all who want to recycle rather than throw away. This group is a nonprofit organization with people interested in keeping good stuff out of landfills. Click here for more information on the North Dundas Full Circles group.
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