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Zoning By-law

Zoning By-laws are a set of regulations that govern land uses that implement the policies set out in the Official Plan. Zoning By-laws dictate what type of development can occur on a property, building setbacks, development restrictions, lot size and dimensions, parking requirements, landscaping and buffering, accessory buildings and much more.

Currently the Township of North Dundas has four Zoning By-laws for the two former Townships of Mountain and Winchester and two former Villages of Chesterville and Winchester. Township planners are currently working on a Comprehensive Zoning By-law to replace the four existing By-laws. In order to obtain the zoning information about your property, please contact Planning staff.

For additional information on zoning by-laws, click the following link to access the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s Citizen’s Guide to Zoning By-Laws (PDF).

Zoning Amendment

A zoning amendment is a process in which a property owner can apply to add or change a use on their land. All zoning amendments must be in conformity with the Official Plan. Zoning Amendments are decided by Council, and are subject to a Public Meeting. Before filling out a zoning amendment application, it is advisable to meet with Township Staff. For more information on the zoning amendment process click on the image below.

Zoning Flowchart

Application Forms for the various zoning amendments listed below can be e found on the Township’s website under Licences, Permits & Fees.

  • Garden Suite

A garden suite is a temporary allowable use for an additional accessory dwelling unit on a property on which a residential dwelling already exists. Garden suites are enacted as a temporary by-law (for a maximum of 20 years under the Planning Act), and are therefore subjected to a zoning amendment.

  • Temporary Use By-law

Temporary Use By-laws add a use or seek a change in use for land, building or structures that is otherwise prohibited by the Zoning By-law. A temporary use by-law is enacted for a set period of time (maximum of 3 years). Once the time period expires, the zoning reverts back to the original zoning on that land, or through another zoning amendment to rezone the property to continue the temporary use permanently.