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Subsidies & Support

Community Grants

Community groups/organizations can request financial assistance from the Township through an application process.

There are up to five (5) $400 grants available each year.

The following documents must be submitted in order for a request to be reviewed by the committee:

  • A letter indicating:
    • Who your group/organization is
    • What type of service you provide in the community of North Dundas
    • Who is on your executive team
    • How long you have been in operation
    • What the funds are being used for and how the funds will benefit the organization and impact the community
  • A copy of the organization’s finances

The review committee may request an interview to further substantiate the request.

The review committee will consist of the Director of Recreation & Culture, the Chief Administrative Officer and two members of Council (not full Council).

The review committee will make the final decision on whether the request will be granted.

Community Grant Requests Deadline:    April 1 and September 1 of each year

For more information about the Community Grants, please contact Meaghan Meerburg, Director of Recreation and Culture at the Township office 613-774-2105 or via email at mmeerburg@northdundas.com.

Jump Start

Canadian Tire believes that all kids should have the chance to run, skate, play, and grow. That’s why the Canadian Tire Jump Start program was started. Jump Start is a community-based, charitable program, developed and carried out by the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families. Jump Start helps kids between the ages of 4 to 18, who are in financial need, to participate in organized sports and recreational activities such as hockey, soccer, and swimming, by providing financial assistance with program registration fees.

During the registration evaluation process, community partners use a confidential procedure to select and refer children who meet the criteria and who could benefit from the program. In order to apply for Jump Start, parents and guardians may visit the Township of North Dundas office, located at 636 St. Lawrence St. in Winchester to fill out an application. Applicants also have the option to print, scan, and email requests.  Click here to email Brandon Cousineau, Recreation Coordinator or contact him by phone at 613-774-2105, ext. 223.

Jump Start Application

KidSport Ontario

KidSport Ontario believes that no child should be left on the sidelines and that all kids should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sport. KidSport accomplishes this by providing financial support for registration fees and/or equipment purchases. Grants are given out for local children 18 years old or younger and range from $50 to $5000. In order to apply to KidSport, please visit www.kidsportcanada.ca.

Click here to email Brandon Cousineau, Recreation Coordinator or contact him by phone at 613-774-2105, ext. 223.

Click here to access the KidSport Ontario Grant Application Form.

North Dundas Inclusion Fund

The Township of North Dundas realizes that recreational opportunities have affiliated costs and that these costs can make participation unaffordable. In order to eliminate these financial barriers, the Township of North Dundas has developed a new fund called North Dundas Inclusion. While many great financial aids already exist and are available to residents of North Dundas, we realize that there are still some gaps that need to be filled.

Regardless of whether you would like to inquire about participation for an infant, child, youth, teen, adult or senior, financial aid is available. All financial aid is confidential. Contact the Township to find out if you qualify, or to find out more about this program or other aids.

Click here to email Brandon Cousineau, Recreation Coordinator or contact him by phone at 613-774-2105, ext. 223.

Funding for Not-for-profits

Not for profit organizations can also access funding and support through targeted Corporate Funding Programs.  Click here to access the Charity Village website which contains a listing of various funding opportunities.

Recreation Library

In June of 2008, the Township of North Dundas Recreation & Culture Department received $15,000 in funding from the Communities in Action Fund to purchase equipment for the first known Recreation Library in the area. The township has been working in partnership with local businesses to purchase various sorts of recreation equipment such as camping tents, coolers, skates, nets, balls, life jackets, water toys, bicycles, helmets, baseball gloves, sticks, bats, etc., that are now available, FREE OF CHARGE for community use.

This new program functions like a library, with all new borrowers being asked to apply for a membership account at the time of their first loan request. At this time and thereafter, equipment will be signed-out and signed back in, by a township staff member. This program is great for all individuals, families, community groups, schools, churches, clubs, and teams residing in North Dundas. We would also like to thank the House of Lazarus in Mountain as well as community members, for numerous donations. We are always accepting donations of gently used or new recreation equipment, as well as monetary donations, to help sustain and expand the Recreation Library. See below for a detailed list of items available for loan.

If you would like to make a donation, please do so at the township office, located at 636 St. Lawrence St. in Winchester. Contact the Township for more information or  to book an appointment to borrow items.

Click here to email Brandon Cousineau, Recreation Coordinator or contact him by phone at 613-774-2105, ext. 223.

Recreation Library Inventory

  • 2 – aerobic step and riser sets
  • 3 – infant boater vests (life jacket)
  • 1 – child boater vests
  • 2 – youth boater vests
  • 5 – adult boater vests (Universal)
  • 1 – camp propane stove with 2 burners (propane not included)
  • 2 – LED camp lanterns
  • 1 – 13 pc. set of camping enamel cookware
  • 2 – adult fishing rod, reel, and tackle sets
  • 2 – youth fishing rod, reel, and tackle set
  • 2 – adult bicycles
  • 3 – youth bicycles
  • 2 – child, 6 speed bicycle
  • 6 – baseball gloves (right & left handed available)
  • 21 – 30” or 34” aluminum baseball bat
  • 14 – pairs of soccer socks/shin pads (various sizes)
  • 15 – pairs of soccer shoes (various sizes)
  • 8 – canoe paddles
  • 2 – boccee ball sets
  • 7 – bike helmets (children’s, youth, and adults sizes available)
  • 1 – pairs of wrist and ankle weights
  • 1 – sets of lifeline cables (heavy-duty elastic bands with handles on the end for strengthening exercises)
  • 5 – skateboards
  • 2 – yoga mats
  • 4 – badminton racquets

Skate and Helmet Lending Libraries

The Township of North Dundas is pleased to offer our residents the use of skates, helmets, and ice walkers free of charge from our Skate and Helmet Lending Libraries. Located at both the Winchester and Chesterville arenas, these libraries are available during all public skating hours and ice bookings times, until the end of ice season.

This lending program functions like a library with all equipment being signed-out and signed back in at the arenas, by a township staff member. Equipment must not leave the arena from which it is borrowed and under no circumstances is equipment permitted to be disassembled in any manner.

We are always accepting donations of gently used skates and hockey helmets, as well as monetary donations to help sustain and expand the Skate and Helmet Lending Libraries. If you would like to make a donation, please do so at the Township of North Dundas Office, located at 636 St. Lawrence St. in Winchester. Contact the Township for more information.

Click here to email Brandon Cousineau, Recreation Coordinator or contact him by phone at 613-774-2105, ext. 223.

True Sport

Join It. Show It. Live It. Grow It.

True Sport logo

On Dec. 11, 2007, North Dundas declared itself a member of the True Sport movement.

Sport is a testing ground — not just for athletes and coaches, but also for communities and society as a whole. The way we play together shapes how we live together. Sport is never neutral. It can teach values and ethics — or not. It can help people develop a positive self-image and respect for others – or not. It can strengthen community life — or not. Sport can bring people together, foster friendships, reinforce healthy lifestyles, build civic pride and community participation. Or it can be about violence, drugs, cheating, or winning at any cost. It’s up to us.

Positive sport values may be alive and well in our Township of North Dundas, but don’t take this for granted. It’s essential to actively support positive values, in simple and powerful ways. Join the growing ranks of teams, organizations, schools, communities, clubs and associations in North Dundas and across Canada who are building a stronger, more positive sport culture through True Sport.

True Sport is… a national movement of communities and groups working to ensure a positive, meaningful and enriching experience for all who participate in sport. The True Sport Movement is based on the belief that good sport can help build lasting strengths in individuals, as well as healthy, vibrant communities and a more socially connected Canada. At the heart of True Sport there are four core values: fairness, excellence, inclusion and fun.

It’s a movement powered by people like you… athletes, coaches, officials, organizers, parents, teachers, and community leaders: People who know that sport can transform lives and communities, people who care about the positive values that sport embodies, people who want to see sport in Canada live up to its full potential.

Click here to visit the True Sport website to learn more or to add your organization, team, school or community to the growing list of those that have joined the True Sport movement.

Night at the movies

Winchester’s Old Town Hall is home to the North Dundas Theatre. The North Dundas Theatre is run by the North Dundas Movie Committee, a non-profit volunteer group committed to providing an affordable movie going experience to the residents of North Dundas.

In addition to our bi-weekly movie nights, we also offer volunteer hours to students, fundraising movies for community/school groups and movie parties (e.g. birthdays).

Click here to visit the MOOVIES.ca website.  Click here to visit the North Dundas Theatre Facebook page.