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E-Billing & Billing and Collection Policy


Billing and Collection Policy No. 47-2012


E-billing is now available for water and sewer accounts!

Water and Sewer bills can be e-mailed directly to you. To sign up for this convenient, environmentally friendly method of billing, please complete the registration form below and return it to our office by mail, fax or e-mail to mplummer@northdundas.com

Vadim E-billing fillable sign up form

Once you are signed up:

  • Water and Sewer bills will be sent by e-mail.  A copy of the e-bill can be downloaded and printed directly from your email account. You will no longer receive a paper copy of your bill by regular mail.
  • To pay the e-bill online, you need to register through your bank using the name “The Corporation of the Township of North Dundas Water” and use the account number on your bill (10 digits). Different methods of payment are available other than on-line e-payment.  A printed copy of the e-bill can be presented to the Township office for payment using cash or cheque.
  • Please notify us immediately if there is a change in your e-mail address.  The Account Holder is solely responsible to ensure that the Township has a current and correct email address for e-billing purposes.  Please send e-mail address changes to mplummer@northdundas.com.
  • You can elect to return to the traditional paper billing method. Please e-mail mplummer@northdundas.com to request removal from e-billing.

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Billing and Collection Policy No. 47-2012


Water and Sewer bills will be issued quarterly in January, April, July and October. Large commercial accounts will be billed monthly

Payment of Accounts:

Bills are payable in the net amount up to and including the due date which is normally at least sixteen calendar days from the date of mailing. Where payment is made by mail, payment will be deemed to be made on the date it is received by the Township. When payment is made through a financial institution, it is deemed to be made on the date stamped. A late payment charge of 1.25% monthly will apply to any amount outstanding at the end of each month.

Payment Plans:

Pre-Authorized Plan – All customers may choose to have their bills paid on the due date directly from their bank account. A signed authorization and a voided personal cheque are required.

Pre-Authorized Equal Payment Plan – Customers may choose the equal payment plan option. This plan provides for eleven equal, pre-authorized payments based on the estimated annual bill and a twelfth reconciliation payment based on actual water used and payment credits. These payments must be preauthorized and withdrawn directly from the customer’s bank account. Customers are required to fill out an authorization form and submit a voided personal cheque.

Collection of Accounts:

It is in everyone’s best interest that accounts are collected, as uncollected revenues will eventually be reflected in higher rates increases.

Prompt action will be taken following the due date to collect the full amount. If payment has not been received by the seventh day following the Due Date of a Water and Sewer Billing, a Reminder Notice, in writing, will be mailed to the customer at the last known address.

When the Water Bill is issued to the Property Owner: If payment has not been made following a further seven days from the date of issuance of the Reminder Notice, any arrears with be Tax Rolled against the property.

When the Water Bill is issued to Tenants: If payment has not been made following a further seven days from the date of issuance of the Reminder Notice, a disconnect notice will be hand delivered by the Municipality. The Municipality will notify the property owner before the disconnection takes place. If payment is not received within 24 hours of the disconnect notice, the supply of water to the customer will be disconnected. Prior to disconnecting the service, a representative of the Municipality will make reasonable efforts to establish direct contact with the customer and with the occupants of each separately occupied unit in the premises. A $40.00 Disconnection Charge plus HST will be added to their account.

Reconnection – Any Water/Sewer account in arrears and subsequently disconnected, will be reconnected by the Municipality only after all outstanding charges have been received by the Municipality. Outstanding charges shall be payable by cash, money order or certified cheque only. Outstanding charges shall include any and all arrears, as well as the most current billing that may not yet be in arrears and a reconnection charge in the amount of a minimum of $40.00 plus HST or the actual cost invoiced by any subcontractor hired by the Township of North Dundas to perform the disconnect and subsequent reconnection, whichever is greater.

A new account will not be set up until all the arrears on the previous account are paid in full.

Additional Charges:

Collection Charge            $6.75 plus HST

Disconnection Charge     $40.00 plus HST

Reconnection Charge      $40.00 plus HST